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Welcome to the Scottish Muay Thai Council

The Scottish Muay Thai Council chief instructor John Craig has been training and competing in various martial arts for over 35 years. He began Thai boxing 25 years ago by travelling to Bolton and Manchester to train with Sandy Holt and Grandmaster Sken Kaewupadung. John is renowned in Muay Thai circles as an expert trainer and for producing tough and talented champion fighters and promoting some of the biggest shows in Scotland. John continues to push fighters to their best through his vast knowledge and unique motivational skills.

Our headquarters in College Milton, East Kilbride was established as a full-time fight and fitness facility. We have a leading reputation for quality professional fight and personal fitness training, producing some of the country's finest fighters who have competed all over the world. We provide top class instruction in Muay Thai and fitness for men, women and children. The Scottish Muay Thai Council is renowned for training in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, with our members striving to meet their goals, becoming fitter, gaining confidence, learning self defence and for competition.

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